ISP Flash Memory Programmer for AVR using Serial port

AVR flash memory programmers are easy to build and one programmer can program a virtually program all series and types of AVR devices. This universal compatibility is because of the ISP (In-System Programmable) feature incorporated in almost all AVR devices.

Now there are two three types of Flash memory programmers; Serial, Parallel and USB. I've used all of them so I'll tell you the details about each of them. The software is discussed at the end of the post.

Flash Memory Programmer for AVR using Serial Port
This an open source programmer from Olimex Ltd. It is very simple to build and has a very few components. It draws power from the target board. More over the cable length can be as long as you want. Here is the schematic.

-Here are the complete details.
-The Components required are as follows
   - 1 x BC846B or 2N3904 transistor
   - 2 x 10K resistors
   - 2 x 4.7K resistors
   - 1 x 33K resistor
   - 1x 1N4148 diode
   - 2 x BZV55C5V1 Zener diodes
   - 1 x DB-9F female serial port connector
   - 2 x 10-pin connector and necessary ribbon cables
- For software refer to the following post PonyProg 2000 for AVR Flash Memory Programming.

Important Notes:
-The serial port connector(CON1) shown in the schematic is a specific Canon model. The pin numbers on your serial port connector will most probably be different. So check the tiny pin numbers written besides the pins on your serial connector or your programmer won't work properly!
-The transistor can be replaced by 2N3904 transistor since BC846B is a bit hard to find.

Here is my programmer. (Check out the cable length, I'll explain some other day why it is that long :P)

The serial port side goes into your PC's serial port and the black custom connector plugs into the AVR target board(development board). I've made a separate post on AVR Development boards.

This whole setup can also be built into the serial port connector casing like this.

If anybody wants any help with this stuff, just drop a comment or "Contact me". I'll be happy to help.

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I was googling for a project of GPS based car tracking system with 8051 as its brain, I landed on this page and realized it to be useful.

I now plan to proceed and build upon your work and make this project more interactive with the car owner. For this I need your source code files, simulation files and board files.

Similarly I am also going to need Proteus VSM AGDI Driver v1.0. I would be looking forward to listen from you soon.

Thumbs up for you for this nice project.

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the pin outs of canon db9fh is same as standard db9??

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i want to make the flash memory programer..
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If anybody wants any help with this stuff, just drop a comment or use the "Contact me" link at the top of the page. I'll be happy to help.